Sleep Better on the Road Than You Do at Home

“Before I became a truck driver, I was an engineer in the mattress industry. When I started driving long-haul trucks, I was shocked at how bad the mattresses were.


Waking up multiple times during the night due to back and shoulder pain left me exhausted and irritable in the morning. For a while I was running in a team operation. This was impossible, as I was being tossed around the cab like a bouncing ball. Fortunately, I knew who to call and how to have them make me a mattress that would end this abuse. I rarely drive any more, but now I make this mattress (but even Better) just for drivers. This mattress can take the rigors of trucking and still provide maximum comfort. It’s backed by a 10 year warranty.


I am so sure you will like this mattress and benefit from the improved quality of sleep you get on it, I also back the product with a 60 day comfort GUARANTEE.”


Brian Mathis

Founder, The Big Rig Mattress

What People Are Saying

"Thanks for introducing me to The Big Rig Mattress. To sum up your product in one word, WONDERFUL. I have been sleeping on your mattress for five weeks and it is amazing. No more lower back pain when I get up, also no more hip and shoulder pain. This mattress sleeps better than the high dollar mattress I have at home. I am recommending this mattress to everyone."


Billy Sells


With a mattress this tough you don’t have to worry about that break down in the middle of your mattress. It will be as comfortable 10 years from now as it is today.


We drove over this unit 5 times to make a commercial. It would still make a good mattress.

Spinal Alignment and reduced pressure points are what make a mattress comfortable. Pocketed springs do this better than any other system. Count on something that won’t let you down: POCKETED SPRINGS. They will be supporting you properly when all of the others (Foam, Wire tied springs, Air) have let you down.

The Big Rig Mattress is easily shipped in the USA. You simply place your order for a new Big Rig Mattress today and it shows up at your front door in a few days with simple installation instructions.


Change the way you sleep on the road and buy your very own Big Rig Mattress


Extreme Durability

Spinal Stability

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